Writing, tutoring, editing

Writing, tutoring, and editing—a good day 🙂  I had a wonderful walkabout in the neighborhood this morning, a chilly but sunshiny autumn day … and posted photos and commentary about it: Perfect Crispy Autumn Morning . I also posted tips about Beginning to Learn Letters and Sounds.   And I did note-taking for a new Summerland Story coming soon.  (I also let folks know about my new posts via Twitter, Facebook, and Google +) .

I edited a chapter of my friend Edith Tingle’s memoir she is working on, and a news article for Jordan at Interior Daily News.

light bulbI was delighted to see “the light turn on” for one of my students today, who suddenly “got” fractions! It’s those kind of moments that make tutoring so worthwhile.

I also got caught up with some of the “Verbal to Video” I missed last week due to a big tutoring job.

All in all, a very satisfying day!

Catching up

catch-upOn Friday, I got behind a bit on my schedule due to a major last-minute proof-reading job (which went very well, I’m happy to say).  But that’s okay–I managed to catch up a fair amount on Saturday:

On the “My Church Journey” blog, I posted “Relationship and Fear of God.”  (And got an amazing response to it when I posted a link on Facebook!).

On my “Pen and Paper Mama” blog I posted “Children’s Book Creating and Journaling” tips — including a “Friday Freebie” sample of how to create a personalized story for your child.

Two of my grand-kids came for a 24-hour sleepover Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and together we wrote letters to all 7 of their cousins–with self-addressed stamped envelopes so they’ll hopefully get replies. And that covered my Friday “letter-writing” schedule 🙂

The only “Friday jobs” I didn’t get done was an hour of studying and/or writing freelance articles; and the weekly Verbal to Visual seminar, as well as catching up on the V2V videos for the week. I plan to get to them tomorrow hopefully.

Oh, and I had hoped to start a weekly e-newsletter this weekend: I guess I’ll try to get to it next Saturday instead.

On Sunday, I added an extra post to the “Asking Father About Dementia” page on “My Church Journey.”

And today, I was pretty much back on schedule … well mostly: I had a small editing job to do; I slotted it into my Monday “writing” hour. I also squeezed in a Skype meeting with the rest of the BCHLA (BC Home Learners Assoc.) board members; and later I answered several email requests for information related to home schooling in BC. I also had 3 tutoring students today, plus preps and reports for each of them. Monday is my weekly bookkeeping day, too, as well as catching up on computer filing and back-up, and doing my weekly plan in my agenda book.  Since Sunday is my “day of rest” I use Monday for all those admin tasks that require energy 🙂

Off schedule but big job done

schedule changeWell, I followed my Friday schedule till 6:49 a.m. … and I did do my tutoring lessons and reports and preps at the scheduled times …  but the rest of the day (6 1/2 hours anyway) was used to complete the big last-minute proofreading job I started yesterday evening.  All done!

Sadly, I didn’t manage to write letters to the grand-kids; do more freelance writing prep/study; participate in this Friday’s Verbal to Visual webinar (or catch up watching and learning from the V2V videos from the past week); or post my weekly Friday Freebie…

But hey! There’s still 45 minutes till bedtime–maybe I can still squeeze in one of those things. Hmmm… 🙂

More rhymes and pleasant proofing

proofreadingAnother day with scheduling surprises–but pleasant ones! After a lovely early morning autumn walk, I downloaded photos from my camera and posted them, along with some reflective thoughts, at my Penticton Pedestrian site.  Then some editing from journal notes I wrote a few months ago, while taking a course called “Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education”–and then posted it on my Haida Gwaii Building Bridges site. After that, an hour or so reviewing notes I’ve taken down about freelance writing, as I move toward my goal of writing for magazines and other print publications.

After lunch and my daily naanii nap, refreshed, I carried on with my spelling rhymes that I started yesterday. Today I created ditties about “acronyms” and about the oft-broken spelling rule, “Double the final consonant before adding an ending.” I even did some sketching for them. 🙂

According to my schedule, I had another hour to work on my rhymes, when I got an unexpected request–the opportunity to do a “short notice” proofread of a wonderful soon-to-be-published anthology of poetry and prose created by British Columbia writers. Two and a half hours later, it’s time to take a break; I’m looking forward to finishing it tomorrow.  Voices From the Valleys will be available soon–and I definitely recommend it!

Spelling rhymes

spelling beeWednesday is my super-busy tutoring day — 4 awesome students! I think I learn as much from working with them, as they learn from me 🙂

Three or four years ago, I was collecting spelling rules from here and there, and got the bright idea of putting them together into a really comprehensive spelling book.  Of course there are lots of spelling books out there, but I couldn’t find one that covered all the bases.  So I got busy and put my “Spellbound” book together. I was just about ready to publish it when I stalled–because the more I thought about it, the more depressed I got about how boring and technical it was.  Besides that, it was dull to look at.  So I shelved it, and it’s been sitting there sad and lonely for a good couple years. Several months ago, though, I started taking a sketching course called Verbal to Visual, and I quickly realized that I could use my new skills to illustrate the spelling book in amusing ways.  But still … the manuscript itself was stale….

And then today I got a brainwave! When I work with my tutoring students, we have a lot of fun practicing spelling by using lots of rhyme and rhythm to learn new words.  Why not, I thought, make a fun rhyming spelling book? I decided to give it a try, beginning with “Abbreviations.”  And not only did I have fun myself creating the rhymes, but I really do think others might find it fun, too–and the rhymes might be just the ticket to make the rules easy to remember. 🙂

I also wrote a couple of pages in my journal today.  Handwriting, I find, helps my creative muse get active faster than trying to create on the computer keyboard.  Besides which, I have a wonderful collection of pens of all colours, and that helps me create too.  (And yes, I created those spelling rhymes in handwriting, with my favourite purple pen).

One other thing I do every Wednesday is transfer, from my daily agenda book to my writing calendar, all the writing and editing and reading I’ve done in the past week. There I can see, at a glance, how much I’ve accomplished! It really is motivating and encouraging.

What do you do to motivate yourself to keep up with your writing goals?

Mixed up schedule but it’s all good

ScheduleToday’s day planner page looks like a tornado passed through it!  I decided at the last minute to drop in to God’s Kitchen with a bucket of warm fried bread, and say hello to everybody (I’m on a “sabbatical” for the time being, but have been missing the wonderful “family” there, and just couldn’t resist dropping by for a visit). Of course this meant spending time setting bread; then later forming it into chunks and deep frying it; then taking it there and visiting with folks while they dug in to the bucket 🙂

Still, like I said in today’s post title, “Mixed up schedule but it’s all good.” I still managed to get pretty much all my scheduled work done!

I wrote and posted  “Learn With Songs and Poetry” on PenAndPaperMama.com — and shared it on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook (business page and shared with the local homeschool group page).

In July I took part in the ProBlogger 31 Days podcast — learning how to blog better. And in October I took part in the Writers Digest October Platform Challenge — for writers to learn how to build their author platform through blogging and social media.  Through both challenges, I had taken daily notes in Notepad, but I decided I wanted to fix up my notes so they are easy to access, so I copied them into Word, and created headings, table of contents, proper links, etc.  Then I printed them out and put them into a binder so I can actually get busy and put what I learned into action.  So hopefully you’ll soon be seeing some positive changes at this site and my other sites.

I’m embarrassed to say that I got distracted from writing my Summerland stories the past couple months. But today I got out my binder, and sat down for an hour and a half, and organized notes for a couple new stories. Hurrah! So hopefully you’ll soon be seeing some new stories on the Summerland Stories page of this site.

And yes, I had a tutoring student today–we had a good focused session working on converting and adding fractions (proper, improper, and mixed).  It’s always so great to see “the light come on” when I’m helping kids who are struggling with a concept.

All good!

inspired to keep accountable

writerInspired by a friend’s blog, JLT Studios, I am going to try to stick to my new writing, editing, and tutoring schedule by posting daily (at least Monday to Friday each week) what I have accomplished.

For writing today, I:
– wrote a new page in my journal, related to my personal and spiritual thoughts and activities.
– typed selections from previous journal entries (2 years ago) which I want to turn into blog posts for my My Church Journey blog
– wrote my weekly letter to our 5 children, their spouses, and our 9 grandchildren–keeping in touch with family is so important!
– answered emails sent to the BCHLA (BC Home Learners Association) in the past week, explaining about the home learning options in our province, and encouraging and advising home learners. I am on the BCHLA board, and this is my main “volunteer activity” for the organization.
– answered personal and business emails; also checked and commented on my personal Facebook page and my business page as well; Google + ; and Twitter  — I’m trying to build my “platform” through social media. Yesterday I updated my LinkedIn page, too.

Also today, I tutored 3 students, and then did written reports for each one, explaining to their parents/teachers what we did during their lesson, so they can follow-up at home and school. Of course I also prepared their next lessons as well.

Monday is my “administration” day.  Each Monday, I also do my weekly bookkeeping (both business and personal), and file and backup all the new documents I have created on my computer in the past week.

Busy day! To keep healthy, I try to eat healthy (cook from scratch as much as possible, lots of veggies, etc.), do exercises (and go on walks on alternate days), and have a 1/2 hour “nannii (grandmother) nap.”  When you’ve hit my age, you deserve that mid-day rest!