My Name

Do you know who chose your name and why they chose it?

I have no idea where my name, Norma, came from! I suppose my parents just liked it. My middle name, June, is after my dad’s sister, June. I do know that a number of relatives on my mom’s side were quite disturbed that I was not named after my great-grandmother, on whose birthday I was born. However, my parents thought that “Eveline Samantha” would be a bit much for their little daughter! I was called “Norma June” by everyone until I was in grade 2, when my teacher started calling me just “Norma.” Pretty soon, everyone else started doing the same. However, to this day, some of my parents oldest friends still call me “Norma June.” In fact, I got a Christmas card just the other day addressed to me with that double name!

Written: Dec 26, 2007

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