A Vision of Robyn in Heaven

This “vision” was sent to us by a dear friend, who has allowed us to share it with others. He saw it about 2 weeks after our daughter passed on.

This morning, I had a clear picture of Robyn in a workshop type of area in heaven. Not an “open vision” (I have had those before)–more like a picture in one’s mind. She was bent over a smaller wooden piece (like a side table or something one might put a cup of coffee or sandwich on) and studying what was like an inscription on the top of it. Beside her was the Son, Jesus, and they were deep in discussion on how to make this gift table special for a new home (impression of the home under construction but I couldn’t see the form of it). She was making the table for her mom and dad. I assume the inscription to be carved. Inscription words not visible.

On one occasion, a tear dropped from her eye. Well, that didn’t last long! That was quickly wiped away by a smiling Jesus who caused an up-flowing-well of light and comfort to flood over her. I think the term “well up from within” is more accurate than simply “flood over” as it was like an internal fountain that welled up and then overflowed outward. The fountain of life originated about at her navel; its point of origin was internal.

I doubt the elapsed time from the tear to the “wiping away and His inflow and outflow” to be more than 1 or 2 seconds of earth time. It felt almost instantaneous. The impression left was a trading of a tear of loss for a tear of joy. But very quickly–this was not a prolonged lapse of time where suffering or sorrow remained for the emotion being processed. She smiled a lot.

There were no marks on her body or any form of disfigurement or times of harm. She was a pure and flawless adult woman. In appearance to be like in her mid-20s perhaps. Prime of life. Well-dressed. Poised in her elegance.

There was a larger table. Like a family dining room table but much larger. It seemed to be for something like a clan or tribal gathering of sorts. It was ornate and inlaid. She was doing part of the work on the larger table, and others were involved too. So, it was a group effort and the Son flowed like a wind from one worker to the next worker. His voice danced in the room like how a swallow flits around and how waves move on the oceans. There was music in the background. I couldn’t hear the notes or turn but for some reason the music was almost visible. Like what one might see in a cartoon in our youth where musical notes float in the air carried on waves. Melodis yet like the sounds of many waters. It was like sounds became visible and babbled like a brook … distinct but somehow merged together.

Then the background of the large table shifted from the workshop to also include something like a large open area (enclosed but not enclosed). The closest thing to it would be like an open air outside restaurant area. The background shifted between forest and streams and open fields. People were in the background, but I don’t know what they were doing. The light was very bright but not blinding.

There was a sense of restored womanhood for her as she interacted with the Lord. It’s like she grasped her newness and beauty in a profound and childlike way. What came with that was a change in her garments where darker spots became light and bright. It was also like she began to grasp who she truly was as tears were wiped away.

Her garment was like a flowing gown or tunic (arms visible from about the bicep area) and lower leg (calf area down). Color was hard to make out–bright but it was like it would change at times.

She was given patience. While she wanted to give you the gift sooner rather than later, she accepted that here was a necessary waiting period before your time of reuniting with her. She understood that you had work to do here. The Son and the Father spoke to her on this for two voices came to her.

When she walked, she flowed with the melodic winds and movements of the Son and the waters that proceeded from the Father. Her walk (a skipping run) was more like Julie Andrews (Sound of Music scene in the alpine mountain flowers). She seemed to want you to know that she would be glad to hear from you through your prayer (it was like the Father and Son would carry the message on your behalf), and for you to know that she is doing well. I got that impression from her expression and what seemed like a knowing and quiet nod with a smile (almost impish or teasing) … an expression almost like, “Don’t worry–I got this!”

That completed the imagery. It appeared she is well and happy and looks forward to seeing you in the fulness of time.

“He shall arise with healing in His wings….”