Early Friendships: Relatives

Did you parents have a group of friends who were also starting families at around the time you were born?

In a way my parents were late starters! Lots of people were starting families around the same time — but most of them were younger than my parents. Mom was 29 and dad was 31 when I was born. Although that isn’t at all unusual now, it wasn’t all that common in my day! Anyway, there were lots of cousins born the same year as I was! Marion was born to Uncle Cec and Auntie Em (she was their 4th baby); Fred was born to Uncle Cliff and Auntie June (their 3rd baby); Brad was born to Uncle Mel and Auntie Aud (their first baby). Of course there were no Barnes babies yet, at Uncle Lyle and Auntie Nornie got married when I was only a couple weeks old! And no Mott babies yet as Uncle Preston was still single. Anyway, all mom and dad’s siblings who could have had babies in 1955, did!

Written: Dec 31, 2007

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