A Word From the Lord

Untitled-Scanned-128.1A Word From the Lord

Set my people free. Go forth, my child, and speak the words I give you. Yes, I will be with you and keep you. I will cleanse your lips. I have cleansed them already with the burning coal from my altar. You are washed perfectly in the blood of My Son, Jesus Christ. His life is now your life. His work is now your work. Step out! I will have you say the things I want you to say.

Do not fear the words and the wrath of man. It will come, and yes, you will be in pain. But fear not, I will be with you. My words, my love, my eternal salvation, My Spirit, will comfort you. I will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. I will anoint your head with oil and your cup will run over, indeed will burst forth, gushing, overflowing with the words I will place in your mouth. Be open to me, my child. Do not fear those who would say you cannot be gifted this way. I myself am the one who chooses to gift whomsoever I will gift with whatever gift I choose. Open the gift, child. Open your lips. Let my words flow through you. Carry always pen and paper, so that you can record my messages. Record them, child. Don’t only speak them, but record them, and send them out that others may also hear My word. I have a big plan in mind. I like to use small people .

Relax, my child. I love you so much. I know your sorrows, I know your pain, but I know, too, how much you love me and want to serve me. I am using you even now, I have used you in your past, and I will use you more and more and more, forever! Be not discouraged. I am with you. Take my hand. Be brave and courageous and strong. We will enter the Promised Land together, and I will be with you through every battle and every pain and trouble. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Even though every man on this earth forsakes you, I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth, and then we shall walk together through all eternity. Hold my hand, child. Curl up in my arms.

Rest, my child, in my strength. I do not need your strength at all. For my work is done best in those who are totally weak, totally helpless, totally dependent upon me. When a child of mine truly understands how weak they are, that is when I can use him or her. This is where I have been bringing you, my child. To the point of weakness, of despair within yourself, to the point where I can be free to step in and truly become your strength and your solid Rock of Ages. Stand firm upon me, my child. Do not waver. The winds will buffet, the storms will toss the waves, the ship of your life will seem often to be foundering, overwhelmed by the pounding surf, battered by the hurricane gales, drenched by the rain pouring down in great sheets, and you will feel you are about to plunge into the depths. Let go of yourself, child. I will hold you in safety. Even in the depths of the sea, I will be with you. Indeed, it is often in the depths that I can do my greatest work in the lives of my children. I will lead and guide and show you the way I would have you to go. Walk with me.

Step out for me now, my child. My time is the right time. My work must be done. The harvest is ready, the workers are few. Many of my children are languishing in the fields, dying of thirst. Give them my words, my child, that they may drink and be filled, that My Spirit may flow in their lives and that I may be able to use them to stand up, to swing the sickle and gather the grain, to march into the fray without fear of man, and even without fear for their life. They need to know that their life – you need to know that your life – is in me alone.

There is no longer any time to waste sitting around thinking about me, talking about me, singing about me, even praying and fasting before me, yet ultimately fearing to really charge into the battle and do my will, my work. The enemy has done all he can to place my people in bonds of doubt and discouragement and fear, but I choose now to break those bonds, and present before him an army, My army, My eternal army of saints victorious, washed in the blood of the Lamb, my Son, glorious and righteous and ready to build my kingdom, ready now to break down the barriers of satan, to present the truth of my gospel, the good news of Jesus, to all the world, so that all men through Him may be saved.

I have set the harvest fields before you. Take up the sickle. Take up the sword of my word. Open your mouth and cast down the barriers of the great enemy. Their strongholds will no longer be strong. They will melt before you, as simply and quickly as a birthday candle melts and disappears beneath the small flame set upon it. As a match lights a small wick stretching up from a tiny candle, and transforms that candle into a strong glowing light that pushes back the darkness and fills the space with light, so my word will light my people, if they will willingly reach out to me. But unlike the candle, my people will not burn out, for I pour my Spirit into them, and my Spirit is for them an eternal flame which will never die.

And thus it is, that my word, too, is a flame, a great flaming sword, and I am putting it in your mouth this day to be used, used every day and every moment, to fight and win the victorious battle of God. There will be blood and gore. There will be death and pain on every side. This is the nature of battle. But fear not, for as you already know, the war has been won. The Blood has been shed. The Sacrifice has been made, and the debt of sin has been paid. The victory is complete. The enemy hates to give in but even his last, final, holes and hiding places will be laid wide open through my Son, the Light of the World, and then the end of the kingdom of darkness will come once and for all, and My Kingdom, the Kingdom of Christ and His church, the Kingdom of God, will reign victorious forever and ever.

This is my word to you. This is my word to the church. This is my word to all mankind. This is the word of the Lord. Speak it, speak it boldly and fear not. I am with you always, to the very end, to the final moment of victory, and then through all Eternity. You are mine and the victory is mine. What then is there to fear? Trust in me. Do my will, no matter how dark the world, and even the church sometimes, may seem. My work is moving forward. My plan is being fulfilled. I know the end from the beginning. I planned it. I purposed it. It is all mine. You are mine. I will use you, now and always. I am The Adventure. My way is The Journey. I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. I am all you need, all you desire, all you long for. I AM.
(Thanks be to God. Let it be so. Amen.)

Date: March 25,2005