Early Social Life

What was your earliest “social scene” back when you were small? Did you have a playgroup, go to child care, or enjoy any other activities with children your age?

During the school year, when we lived in Masset, most of my friends were adults! You can read about that in the story of “Community.” There were a couple of “big girls” who played with me quite a lot, Gabrielle Pruden and Rosemary Mallory. Also, a number of mom and dad’s students would play with me when I was with mom at the school, or when the kids would come to our house for boys club and girls club. And there was one little girl, Sandra, exactly my age, whom I would play with sometimes. Of course, from January 11, 1957 on, I had a little brother “Tuey” to play with! During the summer holidays, I would have lots of cousins to play with in the Vancouver area, as well as the children of other friends of my parents wherever we travelled.

Written: Dec 31, 2007

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