Beautiful Music

musicBeautiful Music

Lord, I have long desired to make “heavenly” music come forth from my instruments, my guitar, piano, clarinet. But, Lord, now I realize that making music to worship You, through a musical instrument, is less important to You than Your desire to make “heavenly music” through me, Your instrument. Use me, Lord. Make beautiful music through me in every aspect of my life, with Your Master’s touch! Thank You, Lord!
… My child, listen:
It is My will to make beautiful music for My glory out of the ashes of your life’s efforts. It is My will to make You one with Me through the blood of My Son whom I gave for you. I am using you, already, My child. I am drawing my bow across the strings of your life. I am turning an old, tattered, broken instrument into a thing of beauty and great utility and blessing, all the for the sake of My Son who gave His life for you. Welcome to the great symphony, My Child!
… Thank You, Lord.

Date: August 22, 2005