In Weakness and Humility

weakness and humilityIn Weakness And Humility

I asked You, Lord, to give me Your words, and so I spoke them. It wasn’t all nice and neat like a “word of the Lord” pronouncement. It was kind of weak and stumbling, because that is how I am. But I do believe it was You using me, speaking through me. Earlier, I was thinking of all the wonderful things I could say, glorious verses about You that I could quote. And then it just came out kind of haltingly. But I think my desire for relationship, for knowing You, for becoming like Jesus, came through. And maybe it is better that way, because I think most people feel weak and halting like I do. They’re not looking for a smooth presentation, for a slick program. They just want You; even if they don’t know that is what they want. I know I didn’t know that, for a long, long time. So thank You, Lord. Thank You for doing it Your way. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to work with Your people. Thank You for loving me and using me in any way You want. Thank You! Amen!
… I love you, My child. Keep coming to Me. Stay with Me. Let Me do My work. I will use you. I am using you already. Only keep your heart humble before Me. Hold my hand, look into My eyes, into My heart of hearts. Be wrapped, enveloped, sold out to My love. Your are Mine. Relax in Me.

Date: July 31, 2005