Spread Your Wings

IMG_0531Spread Your Wings…

“He shall dwell in the heights… Thine eyes … shall behold the land of far distances.”
Isaiah 33:16,17


What do You want to say to me from Your Word this morning, Lord?

My dear child,
Listen. Sit quietly. Slow down your restless pace. Relax in me.
Do you not hear the birds as they call out their early morning hails?
Be like them, my child. Just rest in Me. I love you, my child.
My plan for you is already worked out.
It has been worked out from before the foundation of the world.
If I, the Creator of the birds, care for them, feed them, fill their nests with new life,
Can I not do the same for you?
My birds dwell among the branches of the tall trees.
They wing their way through the open skies.
They behold the far distances.
And I am with them.
I lift them up; I place the winds under their wings;
I give them strength, and balance, and life, and rest.
If I do this for these little creatures, will I not do so, and far more, for you,
My own dear child, for whom I have already given My life?
Come up hither, spread your wings, fear not.
I have long been waiting for you to raise your eyes,
To leave your busy scurrying around in the dust of the valley,
To look straight up and fix your eyes on me,
To stretch out your arms to Me,
To call out with joy as the birds call out to Me with joy
In the early hours of dawn.
It is time to life off, to take the leap, to spread your wings,
And soar out to behold the land of far distances
Where I have a great work, a great purpose,
And a place prepared for you.
I am with you. Relax. It’s my work.
Enjoy it with Me.
Thank You, Father. Here I am. Take me.

Date: July 4, 2005