Childhood Firsts

What childhood “firsts” do you know about? Who was there to enjoy and remember these milestones?

Childhood “firsts” — oh, my goodness! Between my mom’s record-keeping in my baby book, and my dad’s (and mom’s) numerous photos, I could probably write a book about this topic! Well, here are a few, from my baby book:

First smile – at Auntie Emily – 2 weeks of age.
First reached for an object at 10 weeks. Liked to sit on Daddy’s knee at the kitchen table and grab at things on the table.
Laughed out loud at 10 to 11 weeks.
Picked up a rattle at 15 weeks.
Rolled stomach to back at 2 months
Sat in high chair and played with toys at 15 weeks.
Put bottle in and out of mouth at 3 1/2 months.
Sleeping all night at 5 months.
Sitting up well at 7 months.
Off bottle at 9 months.
Said “da-da” at 5 months.
First teeth at 6 1/2 months.
Walked alone at 17 months (now that’s embarrassing! Well, I never did crawl; I was a “bum-bouncer” … and as it turned out, so was my husband … and 3 of our kids! All late walkers! Do you suppose it’s heredity?
Toilet trained at 16 months.
First sentence at 15 months: “Dada go school ring bell!”

Written: Dec 26, 2007

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