The Blogging Adventure Continues

Well, a month has passed since my last post, and yes, I’ve been blogging about whatever I feel like … just not on here, sad to say. So I thought I should catch y’all up on my activities!

Over the past year and some, I was working on a “book” about editing. I was trying to be unique and creative by interweaving a story with each chapter of the book. Okay, the truth is, I am not a novelist! My beta readers loved the parts about editing, but weren’t so keen on the ongoing story (though they really liked some chapters of the story, just not the whole thing). Also, they almost all suggested that my editing chapters might be more useful as workbooks for my workshops, and/or blog posts for my writing and editing blog, So if you go to my Writing and Editing Articles page list, and scroll way down, you’ll find two new series, “Self Exploration for Writers” and “Your Writing Life.” Each post in the series includes a downloadable link with a worksheet that you can print out and use to explore your own writing life! These have turned out to be quite popular. The “Self-Exploration for Writers” series starts here, and the “Your Writing Life” series starts here. You can get a binder or Duotang folder and put all your printouts and self-explorations together and keep track of your own writing life! Enjoy!

I’ve also been posting up lots of Freebies on my site which focuses on home schooling and home learning (for both home schoolers and school students, too) and on tutoring. In addition, I’ve been posting more useful articles on home education, which you can find a list of on the Home Education Tips page.

On my HaidaGwaiiBuildingBridges site, I posted a blog exploring the topic “Am I Racist? Prejudices? Biased? Intolerant?” You might find it interesting; in fact, I’ve been invited, based on it, to be a co-admin on a site out of Africa that explores some of these ideas. Wow! Also, using blogging to explore my own life and interests, I recently wrote (on the site) an article called “I am a Writer! So There!” It got lots of super-positive responses—and I had a lot of fun writing it. So there!

My son gave me a tablet last year (well, 2019) for Christmas; unfortunately, the lovely leather cover didn’t have a hole in the right spot for the tablet’s camera. Yesterday, while watching a program on Zoom, I got a bit bored, so I grabbed a sharp tool and cut a cute little hole in the cover; now I can take pictures and post them easily on Facebook, Instagram (which I just joined) and of course on my blogs! I just HAD to try it out, so I took some amusing photos of my hubby in his man-cave (which also happens to be our bedroom, but that’s another story, worthy of its own blog post, LOL) and put them up on my Facebook. Oh, my goodness! People loved them! Loads of funny comments, haha type emojis, and more! I’m delighted!

Speaking of photos, now that I can easily take photos using my tablet (it wasn’t so simple before, as I don’t have a smart phone, and I had to email my camera photos to my new laptop, since it doesn’t have a slot for the camera’s memory card like my old laptop did), I’m looking forward to getting back to my PentictonPedestrian site where I enjoy taking snapshots on my walkabouts and bike rides in our wonderful community, and post them along with commentary, poems, etc. So I’ll be blogging on there, too! Yay! (But why or why didn’t I think of this sooner? Duh!)

Finally, I’ve started posting again on my site where I write about my spiritual journey. The most recent post is entitled, “Am I a Liar? Maybe More Than I Realize?”

Recently, someone discovered an old site of mine, BlogBasics4TotalBeginners, which I have posted nothing on for a VERY long time, and I figured I’d probably just close it down since some info on it is terribly outdated and I never did finish it according to my original plan. But as a new blogger, this person thought some posts were useful—so I’m thinking I’ll maybe go through it and find “evergreen” posts, update them with an emphasis on author blogs (since that was the intention in the first place, anyway), and maybe post them on my normajhill site. We’ll see!

So yes, I’m off and running on my new blogging adventure! Thanks for coming along for the ride. And if you’d like to follow and keep up with what I’ve been doing and thinking, I’ve also posted a “Follow” button in the right-hand margin of this blog, and you can click on it to receive email updates on new posts.