My Children, Lord

Jesus and childrenMy Children, Lord…

Lord, You know I have tried to bring up my children for You. But maybe I didn’t teach them enough how to depend upon, trust in, and love You, because I hadn’t really learned that very well myself. And I know I didn’t pray enough – and I still don’t.
… I love you, child. You are my little lamb. And your children are My children, too. My children first, far more than they are yours! Remember, I created them, I brought them into being, I have been with them all their lives, every moment. I know them in every detail. I know their happiness, and their every day lives, and their deepest pain.
(But Lord, I have been so sure that You have everything under control and that all my children will walk with You, if only I give them over to You. And now I find myself panicking. I want to do something. I want to make it happen now so I can “be sure.” I want to push the issue and make sure for “me” more even than for them. Forgive me, Lord, Please.

I was just about to say again that I want to be a “good mother”. And I do, only even as I was about to say it, I realized (heard from You) how much that longing is about me, about attaining the “mother of the year award” so to speak. Oh, I am sorry, Lord. I am sorry to have made it all about me, when I really don’t have any ownership over my children. They are Yours.

You have been kind and loving to loan them to me for a season, to give me this wonderful “mother” experience. But they were created by You, for Your purposes, not for me and for my fulfillment and my purposes, except as those things are part of Your purposes for me, for my children, and for all Your children and all the world.

Which makes me feel very much smaller. And very much, suddenly, hurled out of the center! I see I’ve tried to be the sun in my children’s universe, displacing both You and my husband. And I guess it hurts me and panics me when they go looking for other centers. Lord, despite all that, I do want them to become centered in You alone. Because without You, there is no satisfaction, ever!)
… My child, relax in Me. Let Me lift your burdens. Let me lift you, like the little lamb you see Me holding in the picture at your bedside. You need to rest in My arms, against My heart, and look up into My face, into My eyes, as the lamb in the picture is doing. Do you see Me gazing back down at you? Do you see the love and care and faithfulness in My gaze? Do you feel the warmth and protection and safety of My arms enfolding you, holding you, protecting you, loving you?

Don’t you know that I love your children just as much as I love you? Don’t you realize that I long for them to walk in perfect oneness with Me, abiding in Me, as I abide in My Father … just as I long to abide with you and be the center and the core and the meaning and life of your being. Be in Me. Let My life, My being, be lived out through you.

Set your children free to turn to Me for all their needs. They are Mine. They need Me. Only in Me can they find the meaning and love and purpose for which they are seeking and longing. Loosen, totally untie, your apron strings, mommy. Let them go.

Let them go. Stop hanging on. Stop making knots. Kiss them goodbye. Then give them total freedom. Freedom to come to Me, on My terms, My relationship, My purposes, not yours.

I know you love them. But mom, it is time to push them out of the nest, to let them fall, to give them a chance to try their wings – and then for them to cry out to Me when the ground rushes up toward them, when the hawk swoops down to attack them. And I, like the mighty eagle, will in My perfect timing glide in under them, pick them up, bear them up on my wings, and take them to great heights, to the heavenly tableland, into My eternal glory, just as I am doing with You. I will teach them to fly, I will bring them into genuine, forever freedom, the freedom that can only be realized in accepting the destiny I have planned for them, purposed for them, my children, from before time began and for ever.

Let them go. Entrust them to Me. Keep loving them. Keep praying for them. But trust Me to do what must be done to bring them into full knowing of Me, their God, their purpose, their true satisfaction.

It won’t always look to you like I am in charge. It doesn’t look that way to you right now. That is why you panic. But trust in Me. Rest in Me. I love you and I love your children – my children – all of them! Let go. Stop clutching. Stop worrying. Stop blaming yourself.

I knew you from the start. I knew your strengths, and your weaknesses. I even knew your weaknesses that you thought were strengths. And I gave you those children because I had a plan for them, and you were part of that plan. And you still are. It’s just that your role is changing a bit.

But no matter what happens, you will always have the joy and privilege of loving them and praying for them. And those are the most important things you can do, right after loving and trusting Me with them.

Okay? That’s my word for you today. And always remember, I love you. With love, Your Heavenly Father, Your Savior and Shepherd and elder brother and guide and creator. Abide in Me, and let Me abide in you. Be one with Me, and allow your children the same indescribable privilege.
(Amen, Lord. Thank You).

Date: April 02 2006