Mixed up schedule but it’s all good

ScheduleToday’s day planner page looks like a tornado passed through it!  I decided at the last minute to drop in to God’s Kitchen with a bucket of warm fried bread, and say hello to everybody (I’m on a “sabbatical” for the time being, but have been missing the wonderful “family” there, and just couldn’t resist dropping by for a visit). Of course this meant spending time setting bread; then later forming it into chunks and deep frying it; then taking it there and visiting with folks while they dug in to the bucket 🙂

Still, like I said in today’s post title, “Mixed up schedule but it’s all good.” I still managed to get pretty much all my scheduled work done!

I wrote and posted  “Learn With Songs and Poetry” on PenAndPaperMama.com — and shared it on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook (business page and shared with the local homeschool group page).

In July I took part in the ProBlogger 31 Days podcast — learning how to blog better. And in October I took part in the Writers Digest October Platform Challenge — for writers to learn how to build their author platform through blogging and social media.  Through both challenges, I had taken daily notes in Notepad, but I decided I wanted to fix up my notes so they are easy to access, so I copied them into Word, and created headings, table of contents, proper links, etc.  Then I printed them out and put them into a binder so I can actually get busy and put what I learned into action.  So hopefully you’ll soon be seeing some positive changes at this site and my other sites.

I’m embarrassed to say that I got distracted from writing my Summerland stories the past couple months. But today I got out my binder, and sat down for an hour and a half, and organized notes for a couple new stories. Hurrah! So hopefully you’ll soon be seeing some new stories on the Summerland Stories page of this site.

And yes, I had a tutoring student today–we had a good focused session working on converting and adding fractions (proper, improper, and mixed).  It’s always so great to see “the light come on” when I’m helping kids who are struggling with a concept.

All good!

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