inspired to keep accountable

writerInspired by a friend’s blog, JLT Studios, I am going to try to stick to my new writing, editing, and tutoring schedule by posting daily (at least Monday to Friday each week) what I have accomplished.

For writing today, I:
– wrote a new page in my journal, related to my personal and spiritual thoughts and activities.
– typed selections from previous journal entries (2 years ago) which I want to turn into blog posts for my My Church Journey blog
– wrote my weekly letter to our 5 children, their spouses, and our 9 grandchildren–keeping in touch with family is so important!
– answered emails sent to the BCHLA (BC Home Learners Association) in the past week, explaining about the home learning options in our province, and encouraging and advising home learners. I am on the BCHLA board, and this is my main “volunteer activity” for the organization.
– answered personal and business emails; also checked and commented on my personal Facebook page and my business page as well; Google + ; and Twitter  — I’m trying to build my “platform” through social media. Yesterday I updated my LinkedIn page, too.

Also today, I tutored 3 students, and then did written reports for each one, explaining to their parents/teachers what we did during their lesson, so they can follow-up at home and school. Of course I also prepared their next lessons as well.

Monday is my “administration” day.  Each Monday, I also do my weekly bookkeeping (both business and personal), and file and backup all the new documents I have created on my computer in the past week.

Busy day! To keep healthy, I try to eat healthy (cook from scratch as much as possible, lots of veggies, etc.), do exercises (and go on walks on alternate days), and have a 1/2 hour “nannii (grandmother) nap.”  When you’ve hit my age, you deserve that mid-day rest!



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