My Temperament

What do you know of your temperament as a child?

Apart from quite a lot of rather loud howling in my earliest days, which was attributed to “colic.” I have been told I was a very happy, cheerful baby, and very easy to get along with. I suppose that is natural, seeing as I was doted upon by everyone! As mom wrote in my baby book, at “six months likes to laugh – very outgoing. Loves the baby in the mirror. Chirps happily if awake at night or on porch during day. Awakens in happy mood.” Almost all my pictures as a baby feature a big happy smile! I tended, most of the time, to be a reasonably obedient child, though I suspect there were moments when I drove my parents a little crazy. I am told I loved the “no-no cupboard” and was frequently caught breaking into it while peeking over my shoulder in hopes no one was watching. My mom often wrote down “cute sayings” and one from February 10, 1958 records that mom told me, “I’ll get the belt if you don’t keep quiet!” My coy response was “What’s you goin’ to do with it, Mommy?” And then a minute later, “Daddy’s got it at ‘tool [school], mommy!” And later the same day, when I was told to pick up raisins I had spilled, my reply was, “You pick up, Mommy! I too busy!”

Written: Dec 26, 2007

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