Catching up

catch-upOn Friday, I got behind a bit on my schedule due to a major last-minute proof-reading job (which went very well, I’m happy to say).  But that’s okay–I managed to catch up a fair amount on Saturday:

On the “My Church Journey” blog, I posted “Relationship and Fear of God.”  (And got an amazing response to it when I posted a link on Facebook!).

On my “Pen and Paper Mama” blog I posted “Children’s Book Creating and Journaling” tips — including a “Friday Freebie” sample of how to create a personalized story for your child.

Two of my grand-kids came for a 24-hour sleepover Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and together we wrote letters to all 7 of their cousins–with self-addressed stamped envelopes so they’ll hopefully get replies. And that covered my Friday “letter-writing” schedule 🙂

The only “Friday jobs” I didn’t get done was an hour of studying and/or writing freelance articles; and the weekly Verbal to Visual seminar, as well as catching up on the V2V videos for the week. I plan to get to them tomorrow hopefully.

Oh, and I had hoped to start a weekly e-newsletter this weekend: I guess I’ll try to get to it next Saturday instead.

On Sunday, I added an extra post to the “Asking Father About Dementia” page on “My Church Journey.”

And today, I was pretty much back on schedule … well mostly: I had a small editing job to do; I slotted it into my Monday “writing” hour. I also squeezed in a Skype meeting with the rest of the BCHLA (BC Home Learners Assoc.) board members; and later I answered several email requests for information related to home schooling in BC. I also had 3 tutoring students today, plus preps and reports for each of them. Monday is my weekly bookkeeping day, too, as well as catching up on computer filing and back-up, and doing my weekly plan in my agenda book.  Since Sunday is my “day of rest” I use Monday for all those admin tasks that require energy 🙂

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