Family Stories

Over the years, I have written many stories about my family.  Some of them are found on my “Hill Gang” site [a closed site for family members only], others at, and still others scattered here and there on the internet.  And I’ve gathered together many of them right here!  Because there are so many, the drop-down menu probably won’t show you all the links, so you’ll find the links to all of them here:

FAQ’s About Me and Mine

Family stories:

My Birth: July 24, 1955
My Looks at Birth
First Home
My Name
My Temperament
Favorite Childhood Activities
Childhood Firsts
My Childhood
Community: Relatives, Close Friends, and the Masset Community 1955-1957
Early Friendships: Relatives
Early Social Life
Adventures with Relatives
World Events
Getting Around: Transportation
Favorite Places: PNE Memories
Holidays and Celebrations
Books and Media
Piggy Banks
Weather Stories: Haida Gwaii, Revelstoke, Rutland
Trailer Stories: Haida Gwaii
School and Education Way Back When the Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Big Trouble as a Small Child
Getting Along
Preschool – or Not!
Childhood Adventure
Athletics Back in the Day
Twenty-Five (or so)Things About Me!
My Beautiful New Grandchild



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