A Gift From Above

When I was scanning about 1200 photos of Robyn’s life, and I was about half way through, using my new scanner, as usual I put a photo on the scanner and hit the scan button. But then something mysterious, even inexplicable, happened. As usual, the photo I was scanning showed up on the computer screen folder, but immediately also the picture below, which I had never seen before. Then the picture I was scanning showed again, and the other picture (below) beside it as both appeared in my photo folder side by side. It reminded me of the Valentine “mailboxes” children make to collect and store their Valentine cards; made of two paper plates, one cut in half and attached to the other one so cards could be placed in it. On the cover flap were three little hearts that looked to me like small Valentine cookies–but the thing that stood out to me the most were the letters on the three small hearts: M O M. I did not know what to make of it. I showed it to my husband, Lionel, and he gasped. Then he smiled broadly and said, “It is a gift from above.” I contacted a tech friend and explained what had happened; he said he’d never heard of anything like that, and that Lionel must be right. So I am joyful to accept that–particularly since the “vision” our friend (who had never met Robyn and did not know of her woodworking skills) shared that vision with us the same day.

Here is the photo that appeared: