More rhymes and pleasant proofing

proofreadingAnother day with scheduling surprises–but pleasant ones! After a lovely early morning autumn walk, I downloaded photos from my camera and posted them, along with some reflective thoughts, at my Penticton Pedestrian site.  Then some editing from journal notes I wrote a few months ago, while taking a course called “Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education”–and then posted it on my Haida Gwaii Building Bridges site. After that, an hour or so reviewing notes I’ve taken down about freelance writing, as I move toward my goal of writing for magazines and other print publications.

After lunch and my daily naanii nap, refreshed, I carried on with my spelling rhymes that I started yesterday. Today I created ditties about “acronyms” and about the oft-broken spelling rule, “Double the final consonant before adding an ending.” I even did some sketching for them. 🙂

According to my schedule, I had another hour to work on my rhymes, when I got an unexpected request–the opportunity to do a “short notice” proofread of a wonderful soon-to-be-published anthology of poetry and prose created by British Columbia writers. Two and a half hours later, it’s time to take a break; I’m looking forward to finishing it tomorrow.  Voices From the Valleys will be available soon–and I definitely recommend it!

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