Thank You to So Many Family and Friends

We would like to thank everyone who so kindly supported us in the recent loss of our precious daughter Robyn, and our very dear sister Kathy Bell. The amazing and generous support happened in so very many ways, and while we have tried to keep track of everything, we’re of course afraid we might have missed someone, and for that we are very sorry. Thank you all so very much. (I hope you’ll find your names here and know how much we appreciate your love and care; and if I’ve somehow missed you, please forgive me. It’s been an overwhelming experience, and my memory is a bit fuzzy, I’m afraid.) Thank you, thank you, all.

UPDATE: Six months have passed, and I want to again thank all those who have continued to support us in the loss of our daughter. Thank you for ongoing Facebook private messages and emails from many loving friends and family. Thank you to Deanna Dunham for setting up a donation page, and for all the folks who donated to that page. The money has been received by Alex for Thomas and William and their needs. So very appreciated, Deanna, for all your efforts, and to all of you who donated through that page. Thank you to John and Teresa Brod and JJ and MaryAnn for the cards and the handmade bookmarks. Thank you to my friend Lee and her beautiful thoughts with her Christmas card. Thank you for all those who have continued to pray for us. Thank you to all of you who posted memories on Robyn’s FB page, and who continue to remember her with such heartfelt posts on Facebook, as well as those who phone and email. You are all so precious, and we will be grateful forever.

Sympathy cards: Deb Morrow; Brian & Marion Plester; SonRise Gathering group, Maureen Kresfelder, Rick & Yasmin Thorpe, Gerry & Janice Wilms, Joyce & Herb Frank, Sandra Johnson, Helen Cave.

Sympathy comments on Facebook Messenger, in Facebook comments and posts, and by email: So, so many people have expressed sympathy on these sites, and we thank each of you. We have saved the messages, and we look forward to revisiting them many times in the future. Thank you for those who allowed us to use their internet while we were on Haida Gwaii and on Vancouver Island. Also, phone calls from Joan Davidson, my Uncle Preston & Kerry, and others.

Jars and cans of salmon, crab, jiltz, ghow, etc.: Marina Jones, Brenda Abrahams; Sandra Marks and her daughters; Barb Humphries and Belinda (and the items we couldn’t bring with us, from James Davis, and from Sid D). Thank you to Samantha Bell for making a delicious salmon soup with the freshly caught salmon we were given by Sid’s friend.

Cedar headbands for us and for our grandsons: Irvin Russ (also feathers), Lee Quocksister (also fabric headbands and key chains)

A beautiful paddle from Alvin Bell.

Songs and prayers: So many people have prayed for us, and we appreciate them all. A special thanks to Judy Smith for singing the Haida prayer song for us (and for the “Every Child Matters” t-shirts for our grandsons), and for Marina for singing “My Beautiful Home” and Marina and Lily for their prayers at the hospital before we left to catch the ferry.

Flowers from Tylor Havard and the Belangers.

Other items: Fruit bowl and coffee card from the Morrows; beautiful mugs for us and our children from Florence Davidson.

A special thanks to Alex Bates, the father of our grandsons William and Thomas (Alex, you did so incredibly much for all of us), to his family who cared for us and shared their homes with us (Gail & Kevin, sister Melissa), and to Robyn’s friends (especially Cherie Ryan who looked after Robyn in her last days), who all helped us so very much in Campbell River. Thank you to Rose Robinson and her family for sharing their home with us in Victoria.

Financial gifts to help with travel and funeral expenses: Adeline & Bruce Brown; Eric and Aaron Edgars; Kris Bellamy; Sid Davidson; Florence Davidson; Leo Gagnon; Leona Hill and Todd; Randy & Marilyn Wright; Taryn Lowe; Damien Abrahams; Trish Collison, Gerry & Janice Wilms, Joyce & Herb Frank, Sandra Johnson. Also, the many financial gifts provided through a friend’s Go Fund Me for our grandsons, and financial gifts provided to them by the fellow-nurses and friends of Robyn in Campbell River. And gift cards from our SonRise Gathering family.

Thank you, Samantha, for all your help with getting the ferry reservations changed.

Thank you to all the folks who invited us into their homes on Haida Gwaii: Alvin & Kathy and Samantha and Ben and Richard B. (and those who visited us there—Joanna Ivany, Barb Humphries, Ellis Edgars, James Turner …); Sid Davidson and family; Choc Edenshaw and Randy Russ; Harold Yeltatzie and his friend James; Eric and Aaron Edgars; Marshall Russ; Henry, Thomas, Becky Dix; John Yeltatzie; Alvin Edwards; Mike Oeschlager, Daphne and Martin, and Bruce & Adeline.  And to all the beloved friends and to all the Bell family members who came to the hospital (special hugs to Alvin Jr and hugs to those we didn’t get to see: Tracy & Dorcas), and thanks to those who brought sandwiches for the family. Also, to those we had good conversations with on the ferry coming and going, and at Tim’s in Prince Rupert (such as Steven Samuels, Richard Smith, Mitchell and Marshall Russ, Aaron Edgars, Irvin Russ ….) and others we met in stores and so on, such as George Yeltatzie, Georgia, Lawrence J., Brenda Abrahams, Sarah Davidson …. Apologies to anyone I may have missed in this list.

Thank you to friends of Robyn who came to the Celebration of Life to be with our family: Kelsie, Lee Quocksister, Tylor Harvard, Cherie Ryan, and others.

Thank you, Stewart & Sylvia Wright, for taking us out to dinner when we got home. And to Rose Robinson’s family for the breakfast foods you provided us for our trip home. And Marilyn Williams for the dinner outing when we got home.

And of course, all our beautiful children and grandchildren who have supported us so strongly in this time of loss. Thank you, Peter and Jo, for flying us out to Alberta, and to all our Alberta children and grandchildren for taking such good care of us while we were there. And Marilyn for taking us to the airport and Wendy for picking us up when we returned. And Hailey and Marcus for watering our garden while we were gone, both in July and August.

(Again, I’m so sorry if I missed you in this list).