Twenty-Five Or So Things About Me

On Facebook, we were challenged at one point to list 25 interesting things about ourselves. Herewith, my list!

1. I’m so old that I never attended kindergarten – and thus I missed that all important 5 year old milestone of learning to count to 25… My math thereafter suffered… and so may you! Be forewarned!

2. “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry, Sunshine on the water looks so lovely, Sunshine almost all the time makes me high!” (so poooohhh… too bad I developed melanoma…)

3. I dream of living in a cabin on a wild beach by the ocean… or traveling the world in an old converted school-bus…. or living in an intentional community… or perhaps in lower eastside Vancouver… my husband of course thinks I’m quite mad (crazy, berserk, etc…)

4. My husband is the most handsome, smart, funniest, sexy, sweet, huggable Haida buck! Wow! I love you, Lionel! Almost 27 years married… plus a couple practice years first! Yay! (ha! I’m doing cart-wheels!)

5. I have four beautiful daughters and one handsome son. As I once explained to a certain grade 8 class who were rude (hehe) enough to ask: I finally stopped having babies when I found out what caused it…

6. I am also a proud nonnie of 4 grandsons! And pleased to be mother-in-law to four fine young men!

7. I also have had the privilege of “mommying” various other little people along the way. I love being a mom! It is the most wonderful job in the whole world!

8. I love Facebook! I love keeping up with friends, family, acquaintances, people I have no idea who they are…. lol

9. I love nursery rhymes. I love poetry. I love songs. A great advantage of being born back in the day before the dinosaurs ruled the earth, is that we were strongly encouraged to memorize! Therefore I now have an endless supply of rhymes, songs, proverbs, Bible verses, and other useful jetsam and flotsam readily available for every conceivable situation. Just ask my poor children…

10. I am shorter than all my children. Oh heck, I am shorter than almost everybody! And shrinking… dang osteoporosis! … dang old age!

11. I am developing neck wrinkles and jowls. Anyone out there want to donate a few thousand bucks for a neck and jaw job?

12. I talk too much. I have difficulty being concise. Hereafter I will aim for shorter and sweeter facts. (Good luck…)

13. I am about 107 pounds. “Curves” said I need to lose 5 to 10 pounds. I quit Curves!

14. My husband is watching the octuplets lady on TV. He just asked me if I want to go get fertility treatments! Did I also mention, in addition to all his fine qualities, that he is also slightly crazy!?!!

15. Oh yeah. Keep it short… 5 feet 1/2 inch. Short enough?

16. I love my hubby’s new SLR digital camera… and “his” flickr account… check it out!

17. I love writing. I have numerous websites… check em out!

18. I am so NOT missing being a school teacher! I do miss the students though… especially the more challenging ones! (They probably don’t miss me though…

19. I slept outdoors all summer in the gazebo! (Except of course when we went camping and slept in the tent)… ahhh… fresh air!

20. I had a motorbike once. I”m thinking I’d like to get another one!

21. Caffeine makes me giddy. Ask my kids! (You’re lucky I didn’t have any coffee before I started writing this … lol

22. I love playing in parks with swings, teeter-totters, merry-go-rounds, monkey bars… I still have a lot of inner child longing to get out!

23. I miss the ocean. I miss wild beaches. I miss the smell of sea-salt. I miss high tides and wild winter winds. “I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely seas and the sky…

24. I’d love to be able to reel in the sky like a bird!

23. When I’m happy, I can’t help but dance and twirl and fling my arms wide and laugh and shout with joy!

22. I love living downtown (if I can’t have my beach cabin, of course)… that’s where all the truly interesting, real people are!

21. I love writing – and receiving – long letters and emails…. hint! hint!

22. I do NOT understand people who think that taking part in random violence somehow makes them “cool” or whatever

23. My dear daughter Sarah says I am a hippy. What ever makes her think that, I wonder?

24. I love my laptop!

25. Aw! finally arrived! (I told you I’m not so good at math…)
Written: February, 2009


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