The Lord’s Prayer – From My Heart

Lords PrayerThe Lord’s Prayer… from My Heart

Father God, Creator, Vast beyond the Universe;
Yet through Your Son, Jesus, Here within my heart!
Holy and Perfect I AM, Blessed Three-In-One,
Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
May Your reign become real, here in my heart,
Here in my home, here in my world.
As it is real and beautiful there in the absolute reality
Of heaven – of which my world is but a pale, twisted shadow.
May I patiently and willingly accept Your will every step, every day ?
And enable me also to act Your will daily in my life
With vigor and enthusiasm.
Give me all I need for this day for the health and growth
Of my body, mind, and spirit.
Help me to forgive, and forgive, and keep on forgiving
Remembering that You have forgiven me all. And reminding me too of all those things I do daily
For which others keep forgiving me.
Lord, make my paths straight, and spare me (yet may Your will be done)
From excessive trials and temptations and from evil beyond bearing.
And if, in my weakness and ignorance I’ve asked for that,
Which granted would become a snare and a sorrow,
Deliver me, Lord, from myself.
And so, Lord, I worship and obey You,
Humbly, head bowed in weakness and shame,
Yet with joyous laughter and confidence and peace, In Jesus’ name.
I worship You because You are One:
All-good, All-powerful, Sovereign One.
Glorious Light Eternal.

(Thank You, Lord)

Date: March 28, 2000