Pen and Paper Mama sites

hand-and-pen-clipartWelcome to Pen And Paper Mama Too:

Conversations, Reflections, and Meditations

This site is a miscellaneous collection of Norma J Hill’s writing over the years. It started out as a Geocities site way back in the day when we had to do our own HTML … then migrated to Yahoo’s website platform (where we still had to do our own HMTL) … and finally has ended up here on WordPress.

Norma J Hill’s “Pen and Paper Mama” sites include:

  • which is my “hub site,” with links to all my other sites, as well as an emphasis on my “Pen and Paper Mama Services” business, which includes tutoring, editing, and writing, as well as related activities such as speaking engagements and mentoring writers on the basics of publishing and author sites.
  • which is a completely new site, and will focus on the writing, editing, and publishing aspects of my Pen and Paper Mama Services business (the blog which was found on this page over the past few months will now be located on my site).
  • Haida Gwaii Building Bridges which focuses on articles, stories, poetry and photos from the beautiful misty isles of Haida Gwaii (aka Queen Charlotte Islands).
  • Penticton Pedestrian which features photos, along with articles and poetry about the city of Penticton in the sunny South Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada
  • My Church Journey which explores my thoughts about spiritual issues

As you can see from the menu at the top of this page, this site includes the following:

  • “30 Days of Me” : A writing exercise from back in 2010, in which for 30 days I wrote humorous bits and pieces about my life.
  • “Creative Writing A to Z Challenge” : Another fun writing exercise in which I wrote 26 pieces, each focused on a word (or some cases, like X, many words–who’d ever thought there could be so many!) from each letter of the alphabet. If you like writing exercises, this is an amusing one to try.
  • “Creative Writing Bits and Pieces” : Just what it sounds like!
  • “Creative Writing Hillbilly Hilarity” : Though I wrote these silly “Hillbilly” bits and pieces years ago, they still attract lots of readers. If you’re in need of a good laugh, or some Hillbilly vocabulary for your writing project, check it out.
  • “Education and Homeschool” : Off and on through the years, I homeschooled my own 5 children, and also tutored other homeschooled children. I am still on the board on the BC Home Learners Association. This section of the site provides some thoughts and information about home learning and life-long learning.
  • “Family Stories” : Some years ago, I came across a site which listed dozens of questions as starters for writing family history stories. I had a lot of fun with it, and my grandkids and other little people are quite entertained by my stories of my childhood back in the day when the dinosaurs ruled the earth (or at least before the hippies ruled the earth…)
  • “Haida Gwaii Reflections” : This section will lead you to my website Haida Gwaii Building Bridges (or of course you can click the link right here …)
  • “Miracle Stories” : Do you believe in miracles? Check out these experiences and see what you think!
  • “Poetry” : From time to time I play around with writing poetry — and these are some of my efforts.
  • “Prayers and Meditations” : I enjoy journaling, and most of the entries in this section are from the 150 or so journals I’ve filled up over the years.
  • “Summerland Stories” : I was born in Summerland BC during my parents’ summer holidays … and in my childhood spent many happy summers, Christmas breaks, long weekends and more at my grandparents’ home there. Those experiences inspired me to write some of my memories, which have been published in the “Southern Exposure” newspaper and in “Archivos Magazine.”
  • “The Life Connection” : is a series of articles I wrote for a church newsletter a few years ago. The newsletter was distributed not only locally but to churches across Canada and the US 🙂