Summerland Stories

These are stories from the small Okanagan community where I was born during my parent’s summer holidays. Although I never lived in Summerland, I spent many happy holidays and weekends at my grandparent’s house, and came to know the community well. These stories are some of my memories of my favourite places and activities in Summerland, BC.

Giant’s Head Memories
Clay Cliff Trails
Community Canning
Quilting Bees
Victorian Houses
Afternoon Tea at the Misses Banks

Rotary Beach Memories

Summerland Stories From My Mom, Marjorie Mott

Mom’s autobiography of her Summerland years

Growing up in Summerland 1930s to 1950s (a combination of the above two stories, with additional details)


More Summerland Autographs 1940s

Letters From Summerland

More Summerland Letters

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