Bust Out of the World’s Mold

moldsBust Out of the World’s Mold

“…using God’s lovingkindness in your lives as a tool, give your whole selves back to Him. What else is there for us to do, knowing what He’s done for us? Don’t let the world system squeeze you into its plastic mold. Instead, bust out of it by letting God’s Spirit give you a brand new mind. Then you’ll be able to live and enjoy the good and perfect life that God wants you to have.” (from Romans, in Letters to Street Christians, p 30-31).
(What do You want to say to me, Father?)
….Don’t “react” to _______. Use My lovingkindness. Don’t complain about her, or gossip. Instead, love her. Be kind to her. Don’t fall into the “world’s mold.” If you “react,” how are you being any different than her? You must choose to “turn the other cheek,” then get on with praying for her salvation, forgiving her, loving her, being kind to her. Act like Jesus! Don’t react according to the ways and responses of the flesh.
(Ohhh, yes, Lord. I am sorry Lord. Help me, Jesus. Keep my eyes on Your eternal purposes. Help me be kind to ____ and encourage her, help her in constructive ways, share the gospel with her. It’s hard for me to do that, Lord, but it must be done. Forgive me and help me, Lord. Forgive me for my thoughts, attitudes, words toward her. And my worry and frustrations. Oh, dear God, please cleanse my heart. Make me like You, Lord. Please. Your will be done. Thank You.)
… Give your whole self back to Me. Don’t be squeezed by the world’s mold. Let My Holy Spirit give you a brand new mind. Bust out of the old. Do you think that the “free school” you observed is such a great concept? So much “freedom” to learn and grow and develop? So much better than the “traditional” school concept where I have placed you right now? Why not let Me show you an even better way? Why not wait patiently, and see what I show you and where I lead you, moment by moment, until My plan for you “comes together”? Can You do that for Me?
(Yes. Forgive my rush and anxiety, Lord. Do Your work, Your will, purpose, time, place. Oh, Lord, I long for a truly Godly educational alternative. I long for an out-breaking of Your Holy Spirit, that hearts may be opened, cleansed, prepared, excited. For without that, any new approach is simply another “system” isn’t it? Oh dear God, please put all Your people everywhere on one footing, one focus, into Your purposes, trusting and obeying You, longing to be filled with You, in continual exponentially growing relationship with You, longing only to contribute to fulfilling Your purposes, for Your glory. Period! Thank You, Lord.)
… I want you to live and enjoy the perfect life I have planned for you, child. But it can’t happen until you truly, totally, completely “bust out” of the world’s mold, and out of your own mold that you’ve created for yourself. Take My hand, child, and let Me take you “farther up and farther in.” My way only. Never yours. Can you, will you, do that, child? For Me?
(Yes, Father. Amen.)
Date: May 29, 2005