Education and Homeschool

Over the years, I have taught in public elementary and secondary schools; tutored elementary, secondary, and college students; home schooled my own children and tutored other home schooled children; taught in an independent school; and have been an active member of a variety of teaching, tutoring, and home school organizations and e-groups.  From time to time, I have shared my ideas about education.  Here are some of my thoughts.

Creative Alternatives to Book Reports
Book Report Ideas


Educational Approaches: Definitions
Definitions of various learning approaches taken both by home schoolers, and often in public or independent schools.


Goals of homeschooling
If I could give you only one piece of advice about homeschooling, it would be to sit down and write out a careful list of your goals and your vision for homeschooling.


Parent Educator Newsletter:

Vol 1, Issue 1  (to be added … soon!)

Vol 1 Issue 2

Inside this Newsletter:
Parents As Teachers
Quotes from Some Home Educators
Parents Teaching Reading
Reading starts at home
What can you do to prepare your child to read?
When is a Child Ready to Formally Learn to Read?
Teaching Beginning Reading at Home

Vol 1 Issue 3
Inside this Newsletter:
Phonics, Sight Reading, or What?
Great Writing Ideas
Home Math Fun
Gifted Education
Quotable Quotes
Quotes and facts from many different sources — and many different viewpoints!


Home Schooling: the Question of Socialization
Many people opposed to homeschooling argue that home educated children suffer from poor “socialization.”
However, home schoolers point out that, despite the best of intentions, public schools often do not effectively teach integration, tolerance and diversity…


Home Schooling Bible Verses
Do you wonder what the Bible says about education, and how it applies to homeschooling?


Home Schooling Adventures: Memories
Looking back to a home school email group discussion about home schoolers and home-based business, and other adventures


Discussing Cultural Literacy
Looking back to a home school email list discussion about the concept of “cultural literacy”


Learning Activities
Lists of general learning activities, math activities, reading activities, and writing activities


Sharing my home school stories with a want-to-home-school mom
Discussions in 2008 with a want-to-home-school mom, answering her questions by looking back to our own home-school experiences. Our own stories often provide better answers than theoretical discussion!


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