Writing, tutoring, editing

Writing, tutoring, and editing—a good day 🙂  I had a wonderful walkabout in the neighborhood this morning, a chilly but sunshiny autumn day … and posted photos and commentary about it: Perfect Crispy Autumn Morning . I also posted tips about Beginning to Learn Letters and Sounds.   And I did note-taking for a new Summerland Story coming soon.  (I also let folks know about my new posts via Twitter, Facebook, and Google +) .

I edited a chapter of my friend Edith Tingle’s memoir she is working on, and a news article for Jordan at Interior Daily News.

light bulbI was delighted to see “the light turn on” for one of my students today, who suddenly “got” fractions! It’s those kind of moments that make tutoring so worthwhile.

I also got caught up with some of the “Verbal to Video” I missed last week due to a big tutoring job.

All in all, a very satisfying day!

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