Whew Week One Accomplished

Whew! I have gotten through the first week of my new schedule … and managed to pretty much stick with it! Well, except for my Friday post here, which I am doing Saturday morning. I guess I was so relieved and relaxed Friday evening, that I just sat down to watch a documentary about the Antarctic with hubby–and next thing I knew he was steering me to bed at 9 pm, as I’d pretty much fallen asleep sitting there. And then I slept in for an hour this morning. Ah well, I feel wide awake and chipper now.

Yesterday was a record-breaker for our location! 21.5 degrees Celcius on April 1!  Trying to “April fool” us into thinking summer has arrived, I suspect.  I did rearrange my schedule a bit to ensure I got to bask in some of that lovely sunshine, but I still got everything accomplished so it’s “all good.”

I only had one tutoring student today; the other has not yet returned to tutoring after Spring Break. And I did the usual (necessary) business things, like bookkeeping and banking, emails, and so on.

After reading the Articles That Sell book this week, I was feeling inspired to start writing freelance magazine articles again, after a rather long break. So today I wrote a memoir/historical story to submit to Archivos Magazine (of the Okanagan Archive Trust Society), and sent if off. I’ve edited for them in the past, and this past summer they invited me to submit articles as well. My first one was published in their Fall issue. I had written the first draft of this new article last summer, basing it on old photos, personal memories, and dozens of comments posted on those photos on the Summerland Memories Facebook page. But being a first draft, it was far too long and rambling (kind of like these blog posts tend to be–sorry!). So yesterday I sat down, reworked it to half as long, then proofread it and chopped out a couple hundred more words.  So we’ll see if it gets accepted.

The grandkids came over after school was out, and we went out for a walk along the oxbows. We had fun watching eagles, ducks, a huge goose, and even some turtles basking in the sun on a big old log.  I got some great photos–I’ll be posting some of them on my Penticton Pedestrian blog.



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