satisfactionAnother satisfying day! Warmest spring day so far–close to 20 C!  Spent an hour and a half out in the garden this morning before my work day began. What a perfect start to a day.  Love it!

Then finished up the ebook I’ve been working on; well, finished up except for a few “finishing touches” to do. What I didn’t realize was that the Canva “Presentation” program I used only allows 30 pages–which is probably a good thing in the end, as it forced me to go through my plans and delete the “extras” so that I ended up with what is really important.  Now, next step: Do those finishing touches, set up my email list and e-newsletter, and post the e-book on my website as a gift to anyone who’ll give my e-list a try.  Coming soon!

Did some editing and tutoring, too.

And had a good time with a friend, hearing her exciting publishing news, and helping her set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for marketing her writing.

Oh! And had a nice time with the grandkids, too!

Yes, definitely a satisfying day!

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