Getting carried away

getting carried awayWell, according to my new schedule, I’m supposed to do my work from Monday to Friday and then relax on the weekend.  And yes, I did succeed in completing my Monday to Friday plans.  But then, you know, I got a bit carried away on the weekend.  The weather was beautiful, and I did outdoors things like walking along the beach and working in the garden–all good!  I also took some nice outdoors pictures … and that’s where I kind of got off my determination not to “work” on the weekend.

After downloading my pictures, I just had to post some of them up on my Penticton Pedestrian blog in a “Spring at the Oxbows” post (and, of course, put up a note about it on Facebook and Google+). And then, since I was already breaking my rules, heck, why not do an edit for a sweet little gal who’s been writing a story for the BC Youth Writer’s Camp anthology? Oh, and then I was doing some journal writing sitting outside at my little bistro set, and while I was there, thought, “Hmm…. I haven’t put anything up on the My Church Journey site for a while. Since I have already typed out some old journal entries that might be appropriate for that blog, why don’t I just edit one of this while I’m sitting out here enjoying the fresh air?” So of course I did … and named it “Little White Lies.” And then, since it was so lovely outside and I didn’t have anything else planned, I thought I might as well prepare a couple more MCJ drafts for future publishing on the blog–and, well, now I have nine posts ready to go! (Don’t worry, I won’t post them all at once…).

And then I was skimming through my email–and of course totally intending NOT to do anything work-related, but then I saw that a webinar recording about email lists was just begging me to listen to it … and an article about “How to Start Blogging” was also waving madly at me, and then there were a couple really interesting links I just had to check out to articles about how some people steal other people’s books, change the names of the characters, and publish them on Amazon in their own name …  But I’m proud to say that at that point, I remembered I’m not supposed to do “business” on the weekend so I went into cease-and-desist mode right then and there!

I promise … this next weekend I’ll do better. I’m not going to do anything business-related … well, okay, nothing but attend the March 8 to 10 Okanagan Valley Writers Festival!  LOL!

Today (Monday), business-wise, I had two tutoring students (and follow-up reports and new lesson preps, plus create/write an individualized spelling lesson), two short edits, one slightly longer edit, worked on an editing contract for a new client, did my weekly update for my Writing Calendar and my Business Binder … and am now finishing up with this blog post!  Relaxing work day 🙂

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