Smooth Sailing

sailMy new schedule seems to be smooth sailing–so far, anyway!  I tossed together a delicious crock pot soup at breakfast time, so didn’t have to worry about making dinner at the end of the day–lovely!  I continued work on my e-book today, and am almost 1/2 finished the design. I’d already written the text, so just copy-and-paste now as I design each page. Lots of fun and very satisfying. I also finished reading and note taking from the “Articles that Sell” book. I had 4 tutoring students today, and all their reports and preps for next lessons are done. Two of my writing/ publishing clients emailed me with questions about the process, and I was able to answer them. I also did some “business” stuff (invoicing). And I finished off the day by attending our strata AGM.  I am very impressed with how much I get accomplished when I severely limit my Facebook time 🙂

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