Focus on blogs

blog updateThe past couple days I have been focusing on improving my blogs.  One big update was at, where I changed to a different WordPress theme–and while I was at it, discovered that at some point I had written a bunch of draft posts, and totally forgot about them. So I’ve started editing the posts, and digging through my photos for images that work with each post. I’ve been getting tips from various people about how to make the site more accessible, like labeling the pictures which comprise the front page and actually are links to the posts. Since I don’t have any decent graphics software, I’ve been directed to check out Gimp, and now will be on a big learning curve to figure that out.  I’ve wanted for a long time to become more tech-savvy when it comes to graphics, so I’m actually looking forward to this new adventure.

I also did some work on the blog on my website.  Unbelievable as it might seem, I never bothered to use categories for my posts, even though the blog covers a variety of topics. What on earth was I thinking (or not thinking!)?  Anyway, I have gone through all my posts, and have created categories for all of them–which are now listed on the sidebar, which should make searching the site much easier. I’ve also put up links to my social media and a “subscribe by email” widget as well. About time.  Oh, and links to my main other websites.  I must have been in a haze when I set up the site!

Oh! In my last post I mentioned I had sent copies of a “letter to the editor” to 3 local newspapers. I’m happy to report I’ve been getting some pretty amazing responses from readers 🙂

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