Freebie Friday again

freebiesYesterday evening I had fun working through some Gimp tutorials . . . and am looking forward to using what I’ve learned–with some excellent help from Shelby, thank you!–to label the photos on my website to make the posts more easily accessible.

Today I added a post to my “My Church Journey” site; I also added some “Friday Freebie” items on — fun “Read and Do” activity suggestions, and two free downloads of reading comprehension activities for some Scooby Doo titles.

I did some tutoring with one of my regular students, as well as spend a couple hours helping out a local young man with his journalism writing skills. He is developing his own local news online site–good for you, Jordan!

I sat in on a live webinar from Verbal to Visual, and used some of the visual note-taking skills I’ve been learning there to write a fun “rebus” type letter to my grand-kids; I’ve also been using visual note-taking sketching to develop learning activities for my young tutoring students.

And my aunt, who I haven’t seen for ages, dropped by to visit for a couple hours. An awesome surprise!

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