Winter weather brain freeze

It has to be the weather–right? I mean, I really, really need an excuse for not posting my daily update here for 5 days! It’s been cloudy-gray, dull, chilly (below freezing) for days now. How could I do any creative writing in weather like this? Right? Okay, now I feel better 🙂

Actually, I’ve just been busy. Thursday I posted a new item on my site; then went for coffee with one of my writing friends (who inspired me to take a note I wrote on Facebook, and refine and shrink it to send to some of the local papers as a letter to the editor–which I did on Friday; three edits later, with her help, I am pretty pleased with it, and am waiting to see if any of the papers pick it up. I used to write newspaper columns years ago, but haven’t done it for so long that I’ve kind of lost my nerve!). I also spent 3 hours helping a friend prepare a proposal for her Master’s thesis.

Friday started out with writing 9 pages in my journal at 5:30 a.m.  My morning writing plans went astray when one of the people in our complex noticed the trailer hitch on his truck had gone missing overnight; since I am the strata council member with access to the security cameras, we spent time searching for evidence. I also had two tutoring students on Friday.  And went to a book launch to pick up copies of a new anthology which features one of my poems. And proofread the Master’s thesis proposal. Oh, and of course, did that editing of the “letter to the editor” which I already mentioned.

Saturday I attended two workshops at the Okanagan School of the Arts. The first focused on self-publishing, and in particular, how to prepare manuscripts for Print on Demand. The second, also on self-publishing, focused on preparing Word manuscripts for ebooks. Then we had the grand-kids over for some help with their school work.

Sunday really was a “day of rest,” thank goodness! I needed it!

Today, I had 3 tutoring students (plus reports and preps). And being Monday, I did my weekly admin tasks. I also wrote a letter to the kids and grand-kids. I have been working through the book, Writing Life Stories: How to Make Memories Into Memoirs, Ideas into Essays, and Life Into Literature, by Bill Roorbach. A while back, I did an exercise in which I created a map of my childhood neighborhood (when I was 5 to 7 years of age) from my viewpoint at that age ; today, I started writing stories based on the map. The first story was about my first day of school; I learned some things about myself by thinking about and writing it!

As we are a bit short of cash this Christmas, my husband and I were trying to think of what we could do that would be special for our kids and grand-kids–and we have come up with a great idea that involves us doing some co-writing. I’m not going to say more right now, because it’s a Christmas surprise after all. But we did get started on it today! I’m excited!

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