Schedules can be changed right?

messed up scheduleI have been getting stressed about not sticking to my schedule–but have realized that life isn’t that predictable, and it really isn’t a huge deal if schedules get changed from time to time. Certainly not something to get stressed over. Go with the flow! Even if my planner looks like a bomb dropped in it. I’ve taken to writing my daily plans in one color–and then the things I actually do in another color … and then I lost one of my colored pens, and had to use yet another color. At least I obviously lead a colorful life!

Yesterday, I had 5 relatively small editing jobs, a review to write, and an article to write–all short-notice jobs from clients, which of course kind of messed up my neatly planned blog post schedule, including my daily blog update. But work is work, and I’m grateful for it. Tutoring, too.

Today was more “scheduled” — sort of. I had to drive hubby to an hour and a half appointment, and while waiting for him sat there in the waiting room with my laptop balanced on my knee, and managed to get some of my scheduled writing done. A last-minute cancellation from a tutoring student was balanced by another short-notice edit, and I even managed to get two different blog posts done (this being the third) today. And then tutoring students most of the afternoon.



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