Windows 10

Lots of company and a fun birthday gathering for my hubby this weekend … so not a lot of “business.”

I did, however, take a deep breath, and a prayer, and (after making sure everything was backed up), loaded Windows 10 onto my laptop (I had Windows 7 previously). Everything seemed to go fine, and other than taking a while to find where certain things are located, I’m pretty pleased with the new OS.  Except that my camera won’t load pictures onto the computer now! Very frustrating! I guess I’ll have to get one of my techie family members to see what the problem is.

While I was at it, I also updated my Kobo reader/tablet which I haven’t used for a long time. I discovered there are lots of cool new things there, too 🙂  It will be handy for social media, and also for checking how my websites/blogs look on a smaller size screen.  (But I don’t have a cell phone! Can you believe it? Guess I’ll have to check out my sites on someone else’s phone, since I have chosen not to have a mobile phone at this point — and yes, I did have one before).

I did get my usual Monday “admin” items done–though they took me longer than usual, as I had to spend some time figuring out the new Windows. I also had 3 students today. And oh! I got a new t-shirt! Our daughter mail-ordered her dad a shirt for his birthday–and the one that arrived was a lady’s medium in a rather feminine print rather than the men’s X-large with a First Nations print! The company is sending the right shirt, and said we can have both shirts for the price of the one. My daughter says, “Two gifts in one–score! Awesome!”  I agree 🙂


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