This is where I hang out!

Pen and Paper Mama Services Office

Pen and Paper Mama Services Office

This is where I hang out … Tutoring my students, editing, writing, studying and learning: my little corner of the world.  Oh yes… and sketching, exercising, making music … and a perfect spot for having the grand-kidlings sleep over when I switch out the table & chairs for the air mattress!

What did I do yesterday? Journaling and Common Prayer; re-read my notes on platform-building and blogging, and plan for the future; learn more about effectively using the social media sites I’m on (Facebook,  Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn); write and snail mail letters to my grand-kids; tutor 2 students; help a friend prepare her proposal for her Master’s Degree thesis; participate in a weekly Verbal to Visual seminar … and the usual everyday things like exercises, laundry, meals, mid-day naanii nap, grocery shopping.  Two things I didn’t get to: my daily update (which I’m doing now!) and my Friday Freebie post on my penandpapermama site (which I’ll be doing right after this).

What does your corner of the world look like? What do you do there?

2 thoughts on “This is where I hang out!

  1. I have a corner of the living room with my desk and printer. My printer’s name is Leonard. My kids love trying to feed Leonard. Anything. I’ve pulled toy cars, toy people, waffles…just about everything out of Leonard. Fortunately he doesn’t seem to have any allergic reactions. That would be an expensive treatment.

  2. LOL…sure brings back memories. When our five children were at home, in our small 3 bedroom home, my office was a corner of the living room, too, and our printer sometimes got “fed” too 🙂 You definitely have the foundations of an entertaining story there!

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