To-Do List ready to go

to do listOver the past year or two I have taken a number of online webinars, podcasts, and blog challenges, such as those offered by Charlene Kingston at her Social Media DIY Workshops, the recent 2015 October Platform Challenge offered by Robert Lee Brewer at Writers’ Digest, Darren’s Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog podcast in July 2015. I have also been taking writing, editing, and publishing workshops from our local Shatford Center Okanagan School of the Arts, as well as reading many interesting books, participating in our local writers’ group, and more. Over that time, I have collected copious notes, which I recently sorted and organized in a fat binder! But while it is well-organized, it is a bit overwhelming. So what I have been doing over the past few days is reading through all my notes, and picking out things that I really want to do to improve my business, my websites and blogs, my tutoring, and my social media use. First I highlighted the notes in the binder, then I hand-wrote the key ideas from the highlights (handwriting really gets it into my brain!), and then I finally typed out my new detailed “to-do” notes and organized them in a slim duo-tang folder. Whew! Now I feel like I can really “get to it.” Five hours of work today to finish it up, but well worth it!

I also took Charlene Kingston’s most recent workshop today, on using images on your websites, blogs, social media, etc. This is a topic that I have always backed away from–but today’s workshop convinced me that I really can learn to do this! Along with the inspiration I’ve gotten from Jacki Kellum’s blog design posts (see my post from yesterday), I’m ready to leap into developing some good basic design skills, too.

I posted another “reflection,” Early School Lessons,  on my Haida Gwaii Building Bridges blog, drawn from an assignment I did for the course I took this spring from UBC/EdX called “Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education.” I am pleased to see already that I have likes and even shares on Facebook for this post.

And a happy birthday to my husband today!


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