Getting inspiration for my blah site

blahEvery time I come to this website, I feel BLAH!!! because it has such a blah picture at the top and such a blah design! But never fear–I am getting all kinds of great ideas from Jacki Kellum’s sites! If you have the website blahs and need inspiration, check out her hub website, Jacki Kellum Juxtapositions, where she posts all kinds of great design ideas. I’m really looking forward to trying out her instructions. She also has a number of other sites, including a poetry blog, a 12 month WordPress Pro “Steps to Set up a WordPress blog” blog, and other great items. Thanks, Jacki!

Speaking of poetry, I wrote another rhyming ditty for my spelling book, this one on the topic of “Blends.” I’ve had a couple of folks check it out and it had them laughing–which is the point: I want to make spelling fun.

Wednesday is my busiest tutoring day, so a lot of my time today was doing that (followed by the usual e-reports and prep for the next lesson for each student). I just got asked to tutor “core French,” which I haven’t done for quite a while, so I’ll be busy for the next few days digging through my boxes of materials and getting prepared.




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