Pretty much back on schedule

letter_email_writingRainy, windy, chilly day! A perfect chance to stay inside and get things caught up 🙂  Well, I mostly stayed inside. The wind and rain drove the tarp off my garden and patio supplies, so I had to go out and rearrange it and tie it down tightly for the winter. I also was invited over to a neighbour’s house to check out all the stuff he’s been sorting and clearing. He’ll be taking most of it to Sally Ann, but offered me the chance to check through it first. I did get a few treasures–and he even made me a cup of hot chocolate after I arrived wet and windblown after walking over there 🙂

I decided after a wild weekend on Facebook, with people disagreeing with me quite “strongly” about my viewpoints on the attacks in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, etc., and on the refugee situation, and so on (and especially my viewpoints about Christian reactions)–that I was going to lay low for a while, and keep my thoughts to myself. Then I woke up this morning, and wrote 9 pages in my journal–and posted a good chunk of it on My Church Journey blog.

I also answered quite a lot of email letters today–I really do love writing letters.  When I was young, snail mail was the only kind of mail, and I was brought up in a letter-writing family. My friends and I used to have competitions to see who could write the longest “headache letters”–we’d try for at least 15 pages in length, and tape an aspirin at the top for the reader to take in self-defense before reading.  I wrote to lots of Canadian and American friends, and even some in other places like Japan. Pen-pals! Do pen-pals even exist anymore?  Well, I still write quite long email letters, and I’ve taken up writing weekly family letters (email) to my 5 children’s families, and I try to also send snail mail packages to all my grand-kids (yep, 9 of them) at least every week or two.

I did several “schedule catch-up” items today, including replying to letters sent to the BCHLA (BC Home Learners Association) website, my weekly book-keeping, and my weekly computer filing and backup.  I also typed up some handwritten future blog posts I’ve composed in my journal over the past couple weeks.  It seems I’m in a more creative mode when I hand write. Well, I am, after all, “Pen and Paper Mama!”

I enjoyed a wonderful long Skype session from my daughter and her kids and hubby in Alberta. We’re going to be trying out the new Facebook video chat next time.  Lots of fun!

Just one tutoring student today.  And now my daily wrap-up.  Oh! And I managed to fit in my 1/2 hour daily “nannii nap” today, after missing it 4 or 5 days in a row. I really do function much better if I get that mid-day rest.  (“Nannii” is the Haida word for “grandmother.”)


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