Remembrance-DayBecause today is Remembrance Day, I did not have any tutoring students. Besides the Remembrance service, I posted a poem I wrote some time ago, “Remembrance Images” on the new “notes” format on Facebook.  It is a big improvement over the old “notes” format–much more of a “web page” look. Now to figure out how to make the picture fit properly.

Another new adventure on Facebook today was using the “Video Voice Calls” feature–pretty much like Skype; sure is faster to “chat” this way than writing messages–though I still am not psyched about how I look on video.  I’ve always been camera-shy.

I worked some more on my “spelling book” which features humorous rhymes about different spelling rules and topics, and which I will be illustrating with my “Verbal to Visual” sketching skills.  Today’s topic was “Sight Words.”

Speaking of Verbal to Visual, today I caught up watching some Verbal to Visual videos on the topic of “The Long Term Arc of a Visual Practitioner” (building a visual thinking practice into your life), which you can access through the Verbal to Visual Facebook page. And I also watched a new set of videos from Doug, on the topic of “Learning in Public” in which he encourages the viewers to take the step forward of getting out there and publishing what you’re doing–which is of course the purpose for me of doing this daily blog.

A while back I was reading and note taking from author William Zinsser’s best-seller, On Writing Well, but got distracted for a bit. Today, I got back to it, and will be reading more after I’m finished here. It is definitely one of the all-time best books on writing nonfiction (and also very useful for fiction writers). After I finish this book, I’m looking forward to reading his books Writing About Your Life: A Journey Into the Past and Inventing the Truth: The Art and Craft of Memoir. And then Writing to Learn!

My other adventure of the day: on my way to the gas station, about a couple blocks short, I ran out of gas! That’s what happens when your car is 25 years old and the fuel gauge no longer works. Well, what did I expect? I haven’t put gas in since October 3rd!  While it’s true we don’t use our car all that often, and that it gets pretty decent mileage for its age, letting it go for that long wasn’t very bright.  Thanks to my daughter for coming to the rescue 🙂

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