prep to update websites and social media

car repairToday started out with an appointment to get the car ready for winter weather–and apparently just in time as the first big winter storms (wind and rain anyway) are hitting the province right now.  Perfect excuse to stay inside and work on updating and improving my websites and social media.

I put up a new post, “Bridge,” on my Haida Gwaii Building Bridges website (#4 in the “Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education” series).  I also spent some consultation time with a writing and editing client.  And had family from Saskatchewan drop by to visit for a couple hours 🙂

But most of the day, I focused on researching notes I’ve taken on improving my sites and social media.  Certainly this site really needs improvement–I kind of threw it together when the site I had some of the material on previously was with a server that was closing down. I originally had done all the coding, etc., myself–and was happy to be able to use WordPress instead.  So hopefully in the near future, this site (and some of the others) will feature new looks, as well as having better SEO and better connections with social media as well.  I’m also going to be setting up a proper email list and starting a e-newsletter (probably using MailChimp).

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