busy busy busy

22aThe past couple days have been busy!  Thursday we went early to the grocery store to get a good deal on Christmas turkeys and ham. Then home and posted “Tips on Working With an Editor” as well updating my “tutoring topics” page and “editing and writing topics” page on my penandpapermama.com site.

Then on to this site, posting a new header photo (after trying out several), and adding a new section, “Prayers and Meditations,” with 10 posts to start.  I had done the drafts a long time ago but forgot to post them!

After that, drive around town, getting gas, doing business at the Strata office, working with our strata maintenance guy to fix some cameras, and finally coffee with a fellow writer.

I spent much of the afternoon working on editing old journal notes to eventually post on the “Prayers and Meditations” section I set up earlier.  And in the evening, my husband and I went through his childhood snapshots, and labeled them with post-it notes.

Today I wrote a post on My Church Journey site and did more work on editing old journal entries.. I taught 2 tutoring students, and did preps and reports for them, as well as for another student. Finally, I scanned my husband’s childhood pictures, as well as pictures taken at the various logging camps he worked at over the years. I posted an album of them on his Facebook page. The childhood pictures are for a special project!

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